Greetings, Rooftop!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fabulous, fun, and relaxing spring break. Let’s now brace ourselves for the last few weeks of the school year, which will go by very quickly.

Thank you to all of you who came to our last PTA meeting. I hope that you, too, enjoyed the Whale Bone Exhibit our students got to learn from and enjoy. My appreciation goes to the PTA for bringing the program to our school and to our teachers who reinforced what students learned from it in their respective classrooms. We certainly are going to look into more of these exciting programs to come to our school.

Just a reminder: Our third to eighth graders will be taking the Smarter Balance Assessment, the (pilot) test taking the place of the STAR California Standards Test, in next weeks.  For more information about the SBAC, please visit  Please see attached flyer about the said assessment.

We submitted our Balanced Scorecard and the preliminary budget last Friday, March 28th. I would like to thank all of you who took part in our community and School Site Council meetings as we formulated our plan to further improve student achievement. A special shout out goes to our School Site Council members who spent hours discussing and reviewing our plan. Great job, team!

Please plan to come to our next Monthly Coffee at 800 a.m. on Friday, April 11th at the Burnett yard.  Hope to see you there!

With you in building, strengthening, and sustaining a strong community of successful learners,

Jeffrey Burgos

Attachment: SBAC for Families


歡迎回來!我希望你們都有很棒、 很好玩,和輕鬆的春季假期。難以相信我們這學年度很快就過去!


我們三年級至八年級的學生將在未來數周來參與智能平衡評估測驗。這評估取代加州星級標準測試的測試。有關智能平衡評估測驗的詳細資訊,請溜纜 HTTP://綱頁。請參閱附帶給家長的信件有關智能平衡評估測驗的詳細資訊。

我們在上星期五三月二十八日提交了我們的平衡計分卡和初步預算。我們在制定計畫以進一步改善學生的學習成績的過程中我感謝所有參加我們的社區和學校網站理事會會議的人。特別感謝我們學校網站理事會成員花上很多時間討論和審查我們的計畫。偉大的工作,團隊 !



 Jeffrey Burgos

Attachment: SBAC for Families