Greetings, Rooftop!

We are now on Week 33!  Five and a half more weeks to go.

Our Assistant Principal, Tiffany Kendall-Obayashi, is back from her maternity leave.  We are so happy to have her back.  Between now and the end of the school year, she will share the position with Gini Dold, who has graciously agreed to be with us this spring semester.

The STAR testing started yesterday.  Thank you very much for making sure that your child comes to school ready and ready to take the test.  Note that testing continues till Thursday, May 2nd.

Thank you very much to all of you who came to the screening of Bully, the movie. To our School Climate Committee, my appreciation for your hard work in making sure that we continue our efforts to improve our school climate.

The International Festival is coming up really soon. Event Chair Cyndy Sugawara is soliciting help from our school community. Please see her announcement included in this bulletin.

We have a PTA General Membership meeting at 6:30 p.m. tonight, Wednesday April 24th at the Burnett Multi-Purpose Room.  I hope that you are able to come.

The end of the year may be fast approaching but we still have lots of activities / events coming up. Please take note of the following:

May 2nd          Open House
May 8th           Grades 3 – 5 Olympics
May 9th           K – 2 Olympics
May 9th           Spring (Instrumental) Music Festival
May 10th        International Festival
May 16th         Sports Awards Banquet
May 17th        Olympic Awards
May 19th         CASA Play
May 23rd        Fourth Grade Poetry Night
May 24th         Burnett Academic Awards
May 28th        8th Grade picnic
May 29th        Grad Breakfast and rehearsal
May 29th        Fifth Grade Poetry Night
May 30th         8th grade Promotional Ceremony (5:30 pm)

Jeffrey Burgos


Saludos Rooftop,

Translation Forthcoming…

Jeffrey Burgos



這是學期的第三十三星期!  這學年度只餘下五個半星期!

我們的副校長Tiffany Kendall-Obayashi已從產假回來。我們很高興她回來。由現在至學年結束,Gini Dold欣然同意將與Tiffany Kendall-Obayashi在這春季學期一同負貴副校長的職位。

加洲標準測試(STAR) 在昨日開始了。謝謝你們確保你的孩子來到學校時都作好準備參加考試。請注意加洲標準測試(STAR) 持繼續到五月二日(星期四)。


國際藝術節真的很快就來臨。這事件的主席 Cyndy Sugawara徵求我們學校社區的幫助。請參閱本星期公告中有關她的宣佈。


今學年結束可能快將來臨,但我們仍然有很多活動 / 事件將會發生。請注意以下內容:

五月二日                       學校開放日

五月八日                       三至五年級奧運會

五月九日                       幼稚園至二年級會奧運會


五月十日                       國際藝術節

五月十六日                     體育頒獎晚宴

五月十七日                     奧運會頒獎

五月十九日                     CASA戲劇

五月二十三日                   四年級詩歌夜

五月二十四日                   Burnett學術頒獎

五月二十八日                   八年級野餐

五月二十九日                   畢業生早餐和彩排


五月三十日                     下午五時半八年級晉級儀式

Jeffrey Burgos