When: Sunday, October 23, 2016  11am – 2pm (RAIN OR SHINE)

Where:  SOTA High School Track

What: The Rooftop Run is a long-standing tradition where the community gathers and raises important funds for our children. It is styled as a walk-a-thon where friends, relatives and co-workers sponsor our students as they jog around a quarter-mile track.


11:00-12:00 Registration
12:00-1:00: RUN!
1:00-2:00: Students have their laps recorded and receive their certificates, music and picnic!

Our Fundraising Goal: The donations you make in support of your proud runners will directly benefit Rooftop students this school year and in the years to come. If every student raises $150 we will raise a combined total of over $60,000.

Run Resources

Run Coordinators Mary Cain & Chris Bettinger | run@rooftopk8.org

What should I bring to the Run?

  1. Pledge Sheet (if you didn’t pledge online)
  2. Sponsor checks and cash
  3. Potluck dish (your class rep will tell you what is needed)
  4. Picnic blanket, folding chairs, sunscreen, camera etc.

How does it work?

Each student or family asks sponsors to donate money for the Run.  Sponsors may donate either a flat amount or “per lap;” in the latter case the total donation is based upon the number of laps the student runs. For example, if Uncle Lou donates $3 a lap for student Charlie, and Charlie runs 20 laps, then Charlie has raised $60 for Rooftop. Donations collected on a per lap basis are due exactly two weeks after the Run. All families are responsible for collecting donations from their sponsors.

Why do we have to fundraise?

Proceeds from the Run provide a significant portion of the Rooftop PTA budget. The PTA funds many programs that make Rooftop special, including the full time art teacher at Mayeda campus, outdoor education scholarships at Mayeda, the art parent coordinator, Playworks, the Garden educator , sensory motor teacher and many other programs that enhance our children’s education.

What should I say to sponsors?

Tell your sponsors that federal and state funding is so small that schools have to raise money themselves to pay for basic things like books, a library, an art program and computers.

How much should each family raise?

If each child raised $150, we would raise over $60,000 for our school. The family goal is $300, but we ask that you simply do your best to help our school.

What do we do first at the Run?

Start at the Registration tables. Register your child at the appropriate GRADE table. Registration is between 11:00 and 11:45.  Next,  drop off your dish for the potluck. Listen for announcements of the “race” start. Running starts at 12:00 and ends at 1:00. The picnic starts at 1:00.

Walkstarter FAQ

What is walkstarter?

Walkstarter is our online pledge system, which will allow our children to request and collect pledges from friends and family who would like to pay online with a credit card.  Each child can create a web page to share with potential donors via email or social media.  Donors simply click the link and make a pledge in a few easy steps.  Parents and kids can monitor progress toward their fundraising goals and easily send thank-you emails from the site.  Walkstarter is private and secure, so no one can get to your child’s page unless they have your unique URL.

Should I use Walkstarter, the paper Pledge Form, or both to collect pledges?

You can use one, the other, or both.  If a donor wants to pay with a credit card, they need to make that donation on Walkstarter.  If a donor wants to give you cash or a check, you need to turn those pledges in with a printed Pledge Form.  So we’d suggest using Walkstarter to contact as many friends and family as possible online.  Then use the Pledge Form for anyone who isn’t online, for whom you don’t have an email address, or who replies that they’d like to give you cash or check (made out to Rooftop PTA,  and in the memo: Rooftop Run, please).

Why do I need a Google or Facebook account to sign up?

In order to simplify the login process, Walkstarter uses Google/Facebook sign-in.  But please note, this does not have to be a gmail account.  Your Google login is the email address and password you use to access Google Docs and Google Groups.  If you don’t already have a Google account, it is free and easy to set one up.  Just follow the on-screen instructions to create an account, then you’ll be able to create avatars and web pages with your kids.

I can’t remember my Google and/Facebook login info.  What do I do?

Google and Facebook both offer password recovery service.  Just click the “I forgot my password” phrase to have a temporary one emailed to you.

Do donors need to log in?

No.  Donors simply click the link that you share with them to be guided through a few simple screens to make a payment.

We can’t find our Walkstarter URL to share.  What do we do?

Simply log in to My Walkstarter and click the View button to see your URL again. 

I think I’ve found a bug in the system.  What do I do?

Please report it by clicking on the Help button on the bottom-right side of any Walkstarter page.

How do I delete my child’s page?

If financial donations have come in via your child’s page, we will need to leave it live until all accounting for this year’s Walkathon is complete.  After that time, our Walkstarter leads can delete the page.  If no donations have come in from that page, the Walkstarter leads can delete it right away.  Please make that request via the Help button on the bottom-right side of any Walkstarter page.

When will my credit card be charged?

Donors who give a flat or fixed pledge will be charged right away.  Donors who choose to give a per-lap pledge will be charged 50% of the per lap pledge amount times the student’s lap goal.  So if the student’s goal is 20 laps and the donor pledges $1 per lap, $10 will be charged right away.  The remaining amount will be charged after the Walkathon, once our team enters actual lap totals for each student.

If I make a per-lap pledge, can I set a maximum or not-to-exceed amount?

Yes.  In the per-lap pledge section, there is a space where you can set a maximum dollar amount to donate.  This ensures you won’t be surprised if the student greatly exceeds his or her lap goal.

How do I share my Walkstarter page with others?

Once you’ve followed the steps to create and publish a page, click any of the sharing icons displayed directly beneath your avatar.  There are share icons for email, GooglePlus, Facebook and Twitter.  You can also access the sharing buttons on your My Walkstarter page.

Can I make updates to my page after it’s published?

Yes.  Visit My Walkstarter and click the Edit button on the right side of the Walkstarter Participants list.

Run Resources