Does going to the Farmer’s Market leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused? Have a hard time distinguishing a sweet melon from a bitter melon? Do you think a Loofah is something that you use in the shower?

Join local chef Phoebe Schilla for a shopping tour of the Stonestown Farmer’s Market. Afterwards you return to the cooking studio to learn the ins and out of brunch. So if omelet making has got you down and waffles make you weep then this class is for you!  This class is tailored for all levels of experience. Dietary restrictions happily accommodated with advance notice. Phoebe is a graduate of the Cordon Blue in Paris and the Culinary Institute of America in New York. She is a regular guest chef on CBS Bay Sunday and a Chef Educator for the Food Matters community program.

Date:  Sunday Oct 7 @ 10am at Stonestown Farmer’s Market. Tickets are $50/person, two tickets available from last year’s auction. Please email for tickets.