Things to know as you begin your school life at Rooftop!

HOW DO WE ADJUST? The first few weeks for the students (especially Kindergartners) as well as teachers is a time for settling in and developing new routines. This adjustment period can effect patterns of eating, sleeping, energy, etc. Please be sure to communicate with your child’s teachers if you are concerned, but also give some time for everyone, parents, teachers and students to adjust to the new school year.

WHAT TIME? School starts at 7:50 am and ends at 1:50. Please be sure to have your child to school on time.

WHAT AFTERCARE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE? There are several aftercare programs available for Rooftop Students, the most popular of which is the on-site program run by CASA (please note that this program is not run by Rooftop or SFUSD). For additional aftercare options, please contact

WHERE DO I DROP OFF AND PICK UP? Please drop off your children on Corbett and Dixie streets. Please be cautious as there is a great deal of traffic. Pick up at the same location. Also, do not use Burnett as a drop-off location as this is the Teachers Parking Lot and there is no supervision. Please refrain from blocking our neighbor’s driveways.

HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON? Please read EVERYTHING that comes home  and sign up for the weekly newsletter. This is the primary way our school provides communication.

HOW DO WE GET INVOLVED? Please don’t hesitate to get involved in the educational life of your child. The “Parental Involvement Machine” at Rooftop only runs smoothly if parents actually get involved. Check out our various volunteer opportunities or contact our  volunteer coordinator,  You can also ask your Room Parent or child’s teacher how you can best support him/her.  There is always something for folks to do on & off campus, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

WHY DO YOU FUNDRAISE AND  HOW? Each year we have two main fundraising events: The Rooftop Run in the Fall (a walk-a-thon type event) and the Auction in the Spring. These events raise in excess of $200,000 per year toward PTA-sponsored programs. Visit our fundraising page to learn more.

HOW DO WE SHARE CONCERNS AND AFFIRMATIONS? Please be sure to keep all lines of communication open with teachers and administration. Rooftop wants to be responsive to your affirmations, thoughts & concerns. Each teacher prefers differing modes of communication, but all are focused on creating a positive partnership so your child can thrive.

WHAT IS MORNING CIRCLE? Rooftop lives out its commitment to community by gathering as one community to share a project and/or learning from a particular class. At 9:45am on Mondays through Thursdays, all Rooftop students gather in the yard to sing our school song. One class presents a project to their fellow students. Parents are encouraged to join in.

CAN I PICK MY TEACHER? Nope, and with good reason. Rooftop teachers work together to create powerful, balanced, diverse learning communities that support the individual student. We use the classification process (cross grade level teacher conferences, input from our learning specialists and support staff to build Class A, B or C at each grade level. The classes are then randomly assigned to individual teachers who teach that grade. For the past fifteen years, Rooftop has focused on building the capacity of individual classes rather than accepting parent requests.