Dear Rooftop Families,

We are pleased to share this year’s Family Art Homework activity, a Rooftop art tradition begun 4 years ago encouraging families to create art together, in hopes of inspiring intergenerational learning and connection.

“A Moveable Feast” is a community art project designed to give parents and their children the opportunity to capture and share experiences, memories, and family stories that come from our communal enjoyment of food.

This family homework assignment is inspired by the art of Flo Oy Wong, a visual storyteller who was born and raised in Oakland’s Chinatown, where she worked in her family-owned restaurant. Flo makes art that speaks of personal, family, community, cultural, and historical stories. We invite your family to contribute a personal work of art to this collaborative project honoring our school community. The art contributed by our families will be assembled for display in a community art installation that will begin taking shape during the month of March in celebration of Rooftop’s 40th Birthday on May 4th.

We have also posted Family Art Activity instructional video on YouTube:

You will also find the downloadable pdf of the “ART IS… 2012 Family Art Activity” instructions on the Rooftop Art website. We will also post photos of the art created by the families as the project grows.

There you will also find a very special recipe book, posted in celebration of Rooftop’s 40th.
“Go-Chi-So=Good Food” is former Rooftop principal Nancy Mayeda’s booklet about Japanese-American cookery.

We thank you for your participation and look forward to sharing your family art and stories with the community. We truly savor the time and memories that we create together.

Rooftop Art