1. Donations are due Wednesday, February 1st.  A donation submitted after this date is not guaranteed to be included in the catalog and/or Auction but will be included in post Auction sales.
  2. Donation drop off is Saturday, February 4th.  Large donations and those requiring special handling can be dropped off at the Burnett MPR, 9am to 1pm.
  3. Do not go out and purchase item(s) for the auction since items and certificates usually do not sell at full value.
  4. Donate new and unused items only.
  5. The Auction does not accept “consignments” which means we cannot agree to return your donation if it does not sell at Auction.  (Donations that do not sell at the event are re-sold at post-Auction events and/or placed on the block the following year.)
  6. Always consider donating to the Auction and do not be dismayed if your donation does not sell at the event.  (It is difficult to predict what items will be popular from one year to the next and we do our best to re-sell items at post-Auction events).
  7. An unredeemed gift certificate does not signify lost of interests, lack of support or lost sale.  (There are a variety of reasons why gift certificates are not redeemed including unlimited time or conflict of schedule with winning bidders.  Some bidders also bid and purchase items at auction for the sole purpose of supporting our school and not for the sake of acquiring goods, services and/or merchandise.)
  8. Due to limited space, we cannot accept display materials to market donation and the Auction cannot guarantee safety and/or return of display materials received.
  9. Cash donations are best and easiest to process.  Visit the auction website, auction.rooftopk8.org, to donate in increments of $40 in honor of Rooftop’s 40th  anniversary this year.
  10. Check with your employer to see if they will match your donation or visit the rooftop website to see if your company is listed with a gift matching policy.