New for 2011-12! The PTA can now provide official Rooftop classroom mailing lists, to make it easy for teachers & room parents to communicate with their students’ families. Email lists will be of the form (e.g., room1@, room202@, etc), and allow only for the teacher or room parent of the room to post messages.

We hope that offering this service will relieve teachers/room parents of the repetitive chore of collecting parents’ email addresses and creating/maintaining these lists themselves, and make communication with parents easier and more reliable. Too, classroom list addresses will remain standard year-over-year for each room.

Again, it’s important to note that these lists will be for use solely by teachers/room parents only. At the discretion of a room’s teacher and room parent, a classroom list may be opened up for inter-parent communication; in this case, parents will be asked to read & abide by the Parent Forum guidelines.

To set up a classroom email mailing list for your room, please have your teacher or room parent contact