This school year, we are aligning our grading periods and release of report cards with all schools in the district.  Please take note of the following changes.

K – 5th grades will be on a trimestral calendar following this schedule; standards-based report cards will be released at the end of each trimester.

  • First Trimester: August 20th – November 2nd
  • Second Trimester: November 5th – February 8th
  • Third Trimester: February 11th – May 31st

6th – 8th grades will now report grades for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders every six weeks, as do all middle schools in the district. Report cards will therefore be released at the end of each six-week cycle listed as below. Note that all middle school students will still receive a semestral grade twice a year: at the end of both fall and spring semesters.

  • Fall Semester = 84 instructional days
    • August 20th- September 28th = 29 days
    • October 1st – November 9th = 29 days
    • November 13th – December 21st= 26 days
  • Spring Semester = 96 instructional days
    • January 7th – February 22nd = 32 days
    • February 25th – April 19th = 35 days
    • April 22nd – May 31st = 29 days

Should you have questions about these changes, please see Mr. Burgos or Ms. Obayashi.