We ask that parents not make U-Turns on Corbett Avenue in the morning, in front or near the school. All parents are trying their best to get their children to school on time, so when someone makes a U-Turn in front of the cross walk, it slows down everyone. Please be courteous and safe. Thank you.

Also, we are looking for people to help volunteer to open car doors in the morning before school. We would like to help open car doors on the opposite side of the street from the school, as we believe that will help move traffic along.

Please also make sure you are adhering to the speed limits on Corbett Avenue. We have gotten many complaints from neighbors because they notice that many parents are speeding before and after school. Neighbors and children should not be subjected to speeding cars.

Finally, one last reminder: please do NOT drop your child off in the middle of the street. You MUST pull over to the side of the road before having your child get out of the car. This is happening quite often and it is very unsafe. Please help make sure your children are safe and always pull over to the curb before opening your car doors. Thank you for your cooperation.