It is imperative that the Rooftop Community respect the neighbors surrounding our school.  Each morning, almost 600 students arrive on a campus that is surrounded by our neighbors’ homes.  Our neighbors have jobs to get to, children to take to their schools, etc. I respectfully ask parents to please not block any driveways during pick up or drop off.

Even more importantly, safety is our utmost concern.  During this past week, we have observed some very unsafe behaviors by adults.  Please, please drive carefully, stop at the cross walks, pull over to the curb if you are picking up or dropping off your child, and respect the speed limits.  Please allow ample time in the morning and afternoon so that you do not feel rushed during pick up and drop off.

Lastly, we request that you not use your horn to honk at your children as they are approaching your cars.  We have received many complaints about the honking this week.

Thank you so much!