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The Casa Musical: Project Connect!

See what happens when a silly slumber party video goes viral, creating an electrical storm that sucks our 5th grade heroes into cyber space! Find out what's really out there as we follow these kids on a journey through the wacky world wide web. Will they find the way out? Will they learn the true meaning of CONNECTION?

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“Wake Up California” Public Education Rally

Educate Our State is a parent-led, statewide campaign to unite the voices of Californians in support of high quality K-12 public education, and to demand real change. California is drastically falling behind in every measure of educational outcome: test scores, dropout rates, funding per pupil, teacher-student ratios and more. Now is the time for real change!

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One more Christian in Support of Public Education

Rooftop's own Bruce Reyes-Chow writes in today's Huffington Post. Here's an excerpt. Like many people today, I have opinions about a great many things and expertise in few. But, as a person who votes, pays taxes, is a person of faith and happens to have a venue where I can freely express my opinion, I [...]

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