Donation Count Update
We’ve received 87 donations and 10 pledges to date with a catalog value of $960. In order to meet our $150K goal and have a successful event, we need to strive for a total of 800 items with a catalog value of $200K. Please do what you can to solicit 3-5 items for the silent auction and ask businesses you frequent to support Rooftop, a public school that is thriving because of enrichment programs we provide for all our students.

How to Donate to the Auction
Friends, family, businesses and organizations can mail in gift certificates along with a completed donor form to the Burnet Office, attention: Auction. A PDF copy of the donor form is available under the Home tab on the Auction website for you to print and hand out to donors. Donors can also complete the donor form online and designate the Auction to create a gift certificate at now

Donation Pick Up
Due to space limitations, we have been asked not to leave donations at the Mayeda campus. Please drop off Auction donations at the Burnett Campus. Tangibles go into a box under Joel’s desk and gift certificates go into the mail slot marked Auction. To arrange for pick up of a donation, send us an email at
Like Us on Facebook
Like us on facebook and visit the auction website where you can Sponsor, Donate, Volunteer, Buy Tickets and Shop. The online catalog will be available after February 7th. We encourage you to check the website often as new items are added daily.