It’s Not Too Late to Donate

Thank you for your support! We had a great turn out at the Donation Drive and Drop Off event at Burnett on Saturday but our certificates and tangible coffers are still only at 40% of the level they should be. If you missed the Donation Drive, it’s not too late to turn in those donations. We will NOT decline gift certificates or any donation (provided they are new, relevant, valuable and in unopened original packaging). Of course, the sooner its turned in and processed, the better chance that it will be included in the gala event, featured in our printed catalog, and get the highest bid. Please continue to solicit for donation at businesses you frequent.

Donation Count is Low

  • Total Number of Items Received To Date: 405 (216 Gift Certificates + 189 Tangibles)
  • Total Number of Items Needed: 1000

Can I make a donation to be delivered at a later time?

Yes. If you are working on acquiring a donation or have a large item to donate, please complete a donor form and submit to the Auction Team for processing. The donor form will act as a pledge and will alert us to prepare a bid sheet. Please do not bring or deliver items to the Hall of Flowers without first checking in with the Auction Team. Donor forms are available at either campus or you can complete online.

Wish an 8th Grader Good Luck

For just $25, you can purchase ad space in the auction catalog and wish a graduating 8th grader good luck. Camera ready art work or message must be emailed to no later than 2/20.

Become a Sponsor

If you own a business or would like Rooftop families to know about a service or product you like, why not place an ad in the Auction catalog or solicit for a sponsorship. For more details visit the auction website, visit

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For all Rooftop Auction related information: call us at 415.729.4581, email us at, visit us at and don’t forget like us on Facebook.