Where are we with fundraising?

To date, as a community we have raised $186,000 out of our $250,000 goal! We need to raise an additional $64,000 if we want all the same programs next year. We need your support Rooftop to reach our goal by May 31! We can do it!  Here is how you can help:


Make a tax deductible donation (any amount is welcomed and encouraged) to the Rooftop PTA. You can donate online or fill out the  Annual Fund Form and drop off at either Burnett or Mayeda offices in the PTA box.

Corporate Matching 

Please don’t forget to match any and all donations you’ve made (or have yet to make) this year! You can double or triple your donations! Check with your company’s human resources department to see if they have, or are willing to start, a matching program.