Thank You Rooftop Community for the Rooftop Art Auction it is quite an event. The anticipation and the experience is not one easily described; the warmth and generosity is overwhelming. It truly speaks to Rooftop Spirit. The countless hours that everyone puts into this incredible event is immeasurable. Thank you to all the community members who attended the auction on Saturday. It was a glorious evening. A most special and heartfelt thank you to the auction team. Congratulations to Verna Liza Caba for a job well done! Also I would like to thank Amy Balsbaugh and Miki Fugiwara, the Art Coordinators and the Art Parents for designing and coordinating such incredible pieces of student art work.

Thanks to every community member who solicited a donation, made a call, baked a cookie, made a bid, hung a decoration or bought a ticket. Your investment in the future of our students and our school is the reason why our students are succeeding and why we are able to do the work we do.


Diana Marshall