It’s auction season again, and as we’re preparing for the 2012 Children’s Art Show & Auction, we’re calling out to the community for supply donations; can you help?

  • 2 drawer lateral file cabinet with a lock (new or used)
  • 6 reams of Blue Copy Paper
  • 2 reams each of copy paper (in Green, Yellow, Salmon, Pink)
  • 12 rolls of clear tape
  • Assorted colors of ribbons
  • Large storage boxes that can be taped closed or with lids (moving or file boxes are best)
  • 10 Packs Avery Multi Colored Dots (12 mm)

Items may be dropped off at the Burnett Office labeled: Auction.  Please call the Auction Hotline 415.729.4581 for file drawer delivery. THANK YOU.