ONLINE Auction! Start Bidding Today!

Yes! Our online auction starts today. Over 200 items are up for bidding online now! You can put in your bids until Wednesday Mar 8 @9pm PT.

  • Exclusive online deals
  • Lower start bids
  • Convenience of bidding from home
  • Easy to have friends & family join in the fun

These items will NOT be available at the live event on March 11th. So don’t miss out and start bidding online today – !

NOTE: You can log in with the email address you used for ticket purchase, or click the [Sign Up] button.

Buy Your Auction Tickets Today!

Secure your tickets for our auction at the Russian Center on March 11th! We are also offering tickets on a sliding scale, should the full ticket price be out of reach.

If dancing, drinking, eating and raising money for our children isn’t enough to entice you to buy a ticket, the following items will ONLY be available at the event on March 12th. Browse the Auction Catalog to view the complete list.

  • Count Me In Parties
  • LIVE Auction including children’s art
  • Rooftop’s Own
  • Faculty Fun
  • Raise the Rooftop (formerly known as Fund A Need)
  • Wine and Gift Baskets

Sign Up to Help

BEFORE, AT or AFTER the Auction – Sign Up to Volunteer today!

Need a sitter for auction night?

  • Email CASA at, some of the CASA teachers babysit!
  • Check out services like Urbansitter or Wondersitter
  • Ask one of your Non-Rooftop friends for a swap, you can watch their kids on another night!
  • Connect with another Rooftop family and hire a sitter to come to someone’s house and split the cost
  • Ask an 8th grade family if their child is available to babysit!

If you still have questions, email