Rooftop’s biggest fundraiser and party will be held on March 11, 2017 from 5:30pm-11pm at the Russian Center!

Save the date for the online auction for those who can’t make it to the auction event, or who want to get a jump on the action: March 1 – 8th. These are exclusive online deals and will NOT be available at the auction event on Mar 11.

How You Can Help

Donate Wine!
Donate a bottle or two of wine for the Auction Bar. Please drop off at Burnett Office or email Julie Drechsel to arrange drop off.

Buy Your Auction Tickets!
Get your tickets today – buy online at the auction website. Sliding scale tickets are also available or please email

Work on Your Classroom Art Projects!
Please contact your classroom art lead to help with your class/grade project. If you have any questions, please email Brooke Kerpelman,

For more information visit or email

Auction Video Help Needed

For the Auction Video montage, we are in need of some additional footage of students doing PTA-supported activities! Ideally, this footage is shot in landscape (horizontal) mode and with relatively static camera (not panning or moving around too much). Some ideas to include:
a good recording of the school singing the school song “OPEN THE DOOR”

  • YOGA footage
  • Playworks footage
  • RECESS at both campuses
  • Dance footage
  • Mayeda assemblies
  • kids participating in Sports/events (e.g. volleyball, soccer, sand castle event, etc)

If you have this footage, or would be willing to shoot a little (at your convenience) PLEASE email This is time sensitive (the auction is soon!) so please reply ASAP if possible.