Donation Count Low

Thank you for all who came to drop off items during our donation drive on Saturday.  Despite the influx, we are still very far from our inventory goal.  Please ask friends, families, colleagues and acquiantances to support Rooftop.  Donations and pledges are accepted on line:

Donation Ideas

Certificates for restaurants and personal services do well and so do excursions and outings.  How about organizing sports activities, dinners or a how to demonstration?  Whether Aunt Sally is still putting the finishing touches on the scarf she is knitting, your hair dresser is mailing in a certificate or you are on your way to pick up a donation, please email us this week at  so we can acknowledge the donor in the Auction Catalog and keep track of how far we are from reaching our donation inventory goal.

Ticket Prices Go Up February 15th

You are all invited to the biggest party of year: Rooftop’s 20th Annual Auction and Children’s Art Show.  This year’s theme is Coming Together: Building Community Through the Arts.  You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to attend the auction.  Just come to meet other parents in your class, mingle with the teachers and staff, enjoy great food and help us to celebrate our children’s accomplishments as a community. Ticket order forms are available at the office or register online:  $30/person, $40 at the door and after February 15th.  If you can’t afford the price of admission, please email us at or let your teacher know.  A limited number of complimentary tickets are available on a first come first available basis.

We Need You

You’ve turned in 3-5 donations, you’ve purchased tickets and you’re talking about the auction often in your circle.  What else is left to do?  Sign up for a volunteer job for the auction.  There is lots to do between now and March 9th.  To sign up online and for a complete list of jobs:  Remember, we’re counting on you to help make the auction a success and we thank you for your support!