Fund A Need

We asked the teachers and administrators what they need to provide a better academic experience for our kids. The number one request on our teachers’ wish list are document readers & digital projectors. With these equipment, a teacher can project notes, images, books, and even 3D objects directly on the screen. It saves the teacher a lot of time and work, not to mention that students can use it also to share their notes. We need to purchase for 20 classrooms. Our goal is to raise $20,000 so that your child’s teacher will have this in his/her classroom when school resumes in August. Please be generous with your pledges during live auction.

Ticket(s) and Registration

You’re invited to the biggest party of year: Rooftop’s 20th Annual Auction and Children’s Art ShowComing Together: Building Community Through the Arts.

When? Saturday, March 9th, doors open at 5pm.
Where? Hall of Flowers (aka County Fair Building, 9th Ave/Lincoln).
Why? To raise money for PTA funded programs that your kids love and make Rooftop unique and special.
How? Ticket order forms are available at the office or register online here; tickets are $40/person. If you can’t afford the price of admission, please email us at or let your teacher know. A limited number of complimentary tickets are available on a first come first available basis.

Rooftop Auction 101

For the newbies and uninitiated, to answer your questions and know what to expect, take a look at the Auction, Rooftop-style. (direct link:

Auction Childcare

What are your kids doing while you are sipping, shopping, schmoozing and supporting? They should be having fun too – and now they can! Affordable childcare on the Burnett campus is available in the MPR. Kindergarten through 5th graders will be treated to pizza, dancing, and theater games, before getting cozy in their sleeping bags for a movie and down time. This super fun night will be staffed by CASA teachers (Nicole & Bruce) and filled with special activities. Proceeds benefit the Rooftop PTA.

Saturday, March 9th 5:00pm – 11:30pm | Burnett Campus MPR | $35/child
Sign up on line (direct link:

Red, Red Wine…

Or maybe it’s white? It’s up to you! Whether you choose a prized bottle from your own cellar, a celebratory bottle of champagne received as a gift, or a favorite vintage that evokes wine country memories, wine donations are a festive and valuable component of our Auction. Donated wine will be auctioned off either individually, organized thoughtfully into lots or combined with other auction items such as dinners or parties. Drop off a bottle or two at the Burnett campus office with the name of the wine, vintage, varietal, estimated value and wine features listed on the donor form. And just for fun, consider writing a message and signing your name on the bottle!

We Need You

You’ve turned in 3-5 donations, you’ve purchased tickets and you’re talking about the auction often in your circle. What else is left to do? Sign up for a volunteer job for the auction. We especially need help in Merchandise Processing (Tangibles), Kitchen, Check Out (Filers and Cashiers), Clean Up and Merchandise Distribution (Free Admission Ticket) To sign up online and for a complete list of jobs please visit We succeed because we come together as a community. Thank you for your support!

Bid High and Bid Often

Take a sneak peak, shop and create your wish list to bring to the auction. View the 2013 catalog online (direct link: