Our current donation inventory total is only at 15% of target. Please ask friends, families, colleagues and acquiantances to support Rooftop. Donations and pledges are accepted on line: http://auction.rooftopk8.org/donate-now/. Hard copies of donation forms available at the office on either campus.

Our team of Super Solicitors led by Saskia Charbonneau and Shana Abeloff are reaching out to the community to see if you can help us to get some fabulous items for our super silent and/or live auction. Here are some ideas:

Hotel- Getaway Package to your hometown
Not a SF local? Maybe you grew up in another fabulous town and still have friends back there? We would love to connect to another school to exchange an auction hotel-getaway package. We successfully did this with Portland before and this is how it worked. A parent connected us to the solicitation team of a Portland School. Rooftop put together a package with SF hotel, SF tour (hop on, hop off) and a dinner. Portland put together a similar package. We sold the Portland package at our auction and they sold our San Francisco package at theirs. Comparable hotels, comparable tours, comparable dinners but a more exciting item that sold well.

Are you from a town that people love to visit (NY, DC, Vegas, Seattle, etc) or from a place where we locals love to head out for a weekend away (Napa, Santa Cruz, LA, SD, etc), then please check in with your friends there and see if their school auction would be interested in doing this switch. You can contact us at solicit@rooftopk8.org.

Wine Raffle
This auction we are going to raffle off a wine chest. We’ll start selling tickets soon and of course you can also buy tickets at the auction. We would love to receive donated wine to put into the chest. Ideally, the wine should have a value of around $25, so that someone goes home with a lovely wine cellar at the end of the evening. You can drop your wine off at the Burnett office or request a donation pick up at rooftoppickup@gmail.com.

Domestic Emergency Package
Are you a plumber, electrician, handy (wo)men, gardener, computer rescue expert, etc? We want to sell a package of all of these services provided by Rooftop parents/friends. The winner will have a ‘coupon booklet’ of services that they can use once when needed. Are you interested in offering your services to be included in this package, or if you have questions please let us know: solicit@rooftopk8.org.

We ‘heart’ gift certificates
Our most popular items at the auction are gift certificates. Restaurants sell particularly well, but also fun excursions (Segway tours, Go Car), hotels, etc. Please reach out to your favorite restaurant or that romantic hotel and ask them if they are willing to support your child’s school. It’s much harder to say no to a customer than to a solicitor on the phone.

Party time
It’s been obvious that Rooftoppers love to party. Whether it’s a big Gumbo party or a home-cooked hosted dinner, all of these get-togethers sell really well. And they are so much fun! So please consider hosting an event for other families. It doesn’t have to be an adult evening event. We’ve had great participation from students in the past, who organized a hike through Glen Park or a magic show at your house. Or how about sharing your hobby/passion with others, such as the art making party? Any yogi’s reading this: why not organize a group yoga session / picnic lunch? Or organize a tennis tournament? Just be creative and someone will want to join you and support Rooftop at the same time.

Get ready for the 20th auction – we look forward to seeing you there!