What’s An Auction Event/Party?

Generally it’s a themed party hosted by a Rooftop family where the initial sign up to be included occurred at last spring’s Auction. If you are new to Rooftop or missed the Auction and would like to participate, contact Verna Liza at 415.29.4581 or auction@rooftopk8.org.

Attending one or more of these parties is a great way to meet families and get to know them a little better. It’s also lots of fun and helps raise money for Rooftop.

Following is a listing of parties with spaces still available (please refer to the attached 2014 Sign Up Party flyer for a full description of events):

Thriller Zombie Party
Welcome the “dancing undead” to an evening of games and contests. Win Fun Prizes for your Thriller Dance Moves, Musical Knowledge and best Zombie Costume. Feast on Apocalypse Punch, zombie fingers and more ghastly treats. Make-up artist on hand to Ghoul you! Saturday, October 25, 2014. 6pm to 8:30pm. Hosted by Sophie Lee and her mother Georgianne Fastaia.

Literature and Libations With Laura Fankushen & Diana Searce
There is still plenty of time to pick up and read the next books in time for the group’s next meeting on November 16th and January 25th. Contact Verna Liza at 415.729.4581 for book title and information.

Attachment: Rooftop 2014 Sign up Party Dates (PDF)