Is Rooftop School news getting caught in your email spam filter?

We have had feedback that some parents are not receiving all, or even any, of the Rooftop news alerts & bulletins which are sent out via email. If you are not reliably seeing the emailed WB school bulletin in your inbox each Wednesday morning, it is likely that your email provider is erroneously detecting Rooftop messages as spam.

To determine whether you are affected by this issue…

  1. Check against the list of recent school bulletins to confirm you have received all of them
  2. Look in your “spam” or “junk mail” folders; are there any messages there from, or with subject line containing
    [Rooftop Announcements]?

Even if you are not experiencing the problem now, that’s not a guarantee that the problem won’t occur for your email in the future. So you won’t miss important school news, please add both email addresses and to your contact list or email address book.

This is a useful first step, although not proof against errant spam filtering; if your email service has the ability, it is worth also adding the two addresses above to your “email whitelist” or setting up email rules such that “email from this sender should never be marked as spam.” You can find details on how to do so in the articles below.

Other Resources

These articles should assist you in whitelisting email from and (remember to do both).

The following sites contain instructions to whitelist a newsletter for a variety of email clients; if you follow any of these, replace the email address referenced in the instructions with