For all students transitioning from 8th to 9th Grade

We know recently there have been many questions and concerns by parents and educators regarding the Common Core Math Sequence. In  particular, whether students have the opportunity to show mastery of concepts that will allow them to enroll in 9th grade Geometry.  The attached memo has been developed by C&I and approved by the Executive Leadership Team as the direction for SY15-16, which provides any interested students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in the CCSS-M Grade 8 and CCSS-M Algebra 1 concepts.

We intend to proceed with the validation exam option on a 1-year basis as middle school grades transition to a more CCSS alignment.  Please review this memo and feel free to direct questions to the C&I math team.

Jim Ryan
STEM Executive Director
San Francisco Unified School District

Attachment: CCSSM Algebra Validation Exam Memo (PDF)