Sports Strength & Conditioning at MAYEDA (grades 5-8)

If you are already playing a sport or have never played a sport at all but care about your health & fitness then this is the class for you! Get the competitive edge high school and college athletes have by adding a fun offseason strength & conditioning to your program without the hard core approach, not to mention improving risk of injury. If you don’t play a sport you will be introduced to lifelong principals that will help you discover activities you ENJOY and will want to do in the future. Because of our small class size we are able to give individualized attention and help you to be successful. Your coach is a former baseball player and Certified Personal Trainer.

Sports, Health & Fitness (grades k-4 Burnett)

Come learn a new sport every 2 weeks: Lacrosse, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball to name a few! We mix together fun strength & conditioning activities with flexibility, sports and nutrition. We always speak in correct anatomical terms so by the end of the semester everyone will know right where their gastrocnemius is! Our objective is to give the kids all the tools they need to live active & healthy lives so they don’t have to hire us as personal trainers at Sol Gym in a few decades. Arm them with knowledge in a fun, sports activity way. Because of our small class sizes each student gets personal attention to help find success and hopefully discover a hidden talent. Our instructor is a Certified Personal Trainer.

Pre-enrollment suggested since spaces go fast. Contact or Sol Gym at 415.334.7697.


10 weeks class + two performances. Please watch for starting date and permission slip on Wednesday Bulletin. Grades 1st-3rd will be 2:00-3:00 pm. Grade 4th-8th will be meet from 3:00-4:00 pm. Fee is $65. Questions? Please e-mail Victor at

Electric Guitar (Beginning class grades 1-8, Intermediate class grades 4-8)

Electric Guitar offers two classes: Beginning and Intermediate. Beginning students will learn basic fundamentals, notes on open strings, alternate picking, how to read and play chords and sight read the notes for Ode To Joy. Intermediate will play pentatonic scales, learn blues progressions & work on the songs Seven Nation Army, Dead Flowers & Wish You Were Here. Electric Guitars are provided for student use by Blue Bear School of Music.

Pre-enrollment suggested since spaces go fast. Contact Mike Rao at 558-9055 or at

Academic Chess (grades K-5)

The class is designed for everyone from the beginner to the advanced player. With our innovative teaching methods, attendees will learn the basic principles behind the opening game, middle game tactics/objectives, and endgame strategies.

Learning this ancient game, participants will develop patience, foster critical thinking skills, and understand that decisions result in consequences. All participants will receive our exclusive workbooks.

Get Smart with Art ! (grades 1-4 Burnett) (grades 5-7 Mayeda)

Roll up your sleeves, open your crayon box and start learning the fun way.

Get Smart with Art! is an exciting and fun way to learn the foundations of art & history. This class is about learning different cultures, geography, visualization skills and communication skills. We will explore everything from cave painting through the modern cubists, while our pencils, brushes, stones, stamps will be busy constructing fantastic projects based on different art periods, different cultures while explaining the history and time. These projects are developmentally appropriate, so they are challenging without being frustrating. Our class together will be fun and inspiring!

Pre-enrollment suggested since spaces go fast. Contact Sebastian at or call 415-203-9857.

Spanish Language Instruction, Level I, Grades 1st-3rd.

Learn Spanish in a fun, collaborative environment. The kids will be introduced to basic Spanish through games, songs, music, cultural learning, arts & crafts as well as immersion activities in a hands on environment.

Pre-enrollment suggested since spaces go fast. Contact Whitney at 415.2166950 or

French Language Instruction

The French Enrichment Afterschool program will continue in the Fall. Though at Rooftop by the Alliance Francaise of San Francisco, we provide high quality academic and play base program for Native and Non-Native french speaker students from Rooftop.

More information over the summer at; please email your interest to participate to