The afterschool Spanish Language program is accepting 2 new students in it’s Monday & Friday class. Class starts November 4th. Following is a class description:

At Estrellitas en Español, children learn Spanish through educational, yet fun activities that include music and movement, singing, games, story telling, cooking, arts and crafts. The program combines both teacher-led and free activities within a structured schedule. But most importantly we are about having fun without any pressure, so that children can establish a positive association with learning a new language.

The curriculum introduces science, geography, math, practical life activities and Latin traditions – all taught in Spanish! All activities are age appropriate that keep our students active and engaged.

Different teaching methods are incorporated such as The Natural Approach, The Seven Intelligences and Total Physical Response. Children are engaged kinesthetically, verbally, visually and auditorily: bringing the language into their young bodies. This experience is fun and essential to success in acquiring language. The most important requirement of a successful language class is that the content make the students smile…as bright as little stars!…¡Estrellitas….. en Español!

Included: music CD, take home projects, end of the session performance and piñata party!

Please contact Whitney Couch immediately if you are interested; | (415) 216-7950