After-school Session I:  January 14th-March 22nd
After-school Session II:  April 1st-May 31st

Mondays:       1) Electric Guitar -MP Room  2) Academic Chess – Ms. Margo’s Room
Tuesdays:       1) Tree Frog Treks – Ms. Kastner’s Room  2)  French – Ms. Cruz
Wednesdays: 1) Sports, Health & Fitness – Black Top
Thursdays:     1) EDMO – Room 105   2) Choir – MP Room
Fridays:          1) Sports, Health & Fitness – Black Top  2)  French – Ms. Lissa

Sports, Health & Fitness
Offered By Sol Gym | Class Open to all grades
Our athletes will learn a new sport every 2 weeks which have included basketball, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, volleyball, golf and baseball to name a few. We are proud to be able to offer small class size to insure our goal of success to every level of ability. It is our focus to educate the athletes on anatomy, physiology and nutrition in a fun and interesting way. We want them to be armed with the knowledge they need to live healthy, active lives. All classes will be taught by a Certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology.

How Things Work!
Offered by Tree Frog Treks | Class Open to grades K-2nd
Did you ever wonder how airplanes fly? How the heart pumps blood around the body? How we can speak across hundreds of miles on cell phones? What about computers… how do they store so much information? If you are the kind of tinkering, curious frog that asks your parents why, why, why, then this semester of fun hands-on science is for you!  We’ll look to the future of renewable resources to learn about alternative fuels, as well as cool clean energy sources for power like the sun, water and air.  While we observe our animal ambassadors like Savannah the Monitor Lizard, Julie the Burmese python, and Ivan the Sulcata Tortoise, we will learn how scientists look to nature to help create new inventions and how machines we use today mimic the natural world.  So put on your hard hats and come join Tree Frog Treks to discover How Things Work!

Class Open to grades K-2nd | Space Explorer Part 1
Blast off with Edmo for art and science that’s out of this world! Our space week will take campers on an “otherworldly” adventure filled with extraterrestrial art and science projects. It’s fun at the speed of light as children discover the life of stars, build spaceships, and get face to face with outer space using their very own telescopes! Featuring activities designed by Edventure More and NASA.

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