Afterschool Enrichment’s Fall Session II starts this week!  Tuesdays (Tree Frog Treks) and Thursdays (Edventure More) have the following new offerings!

Wild Animal Explorers

Learn about the 5 classes of vertebrates by meeting, holding and studying the natural world.  Touch a Red Tailed Hawk and talons, learn bird calls and use binoculors to spot our feathered friends up close.  Come face to face with frogs, lizards, salamanders, snakes and a whole cast of others.

Class: Tuesdays 1:50-2:50  |  Open to K-2nd grades
Enroll online at  or call  (415) 876-3764

Animal Edventures

Prepare to discover curious creatures, magical habitats, and unique adaptations as we travel the world learning about some of the amazing organisms that share our planet. Students will discover what different species must do to eat, grow, build homes, communicate, and avoid predators – through fun games and projects!

Class: Thursdays, 11/1 – 12/20, 2:00 – 3:15pm
Enroll online at
Contact: Melissa Birdwell-Marchi,  |  (415) 282-6673

Sports, Health & Fitness

Learn a new sport every 2 weeks while learning about anatomy, physiology and nutrition in the easiest way, through play.  The goal is to arm children with the skills and knowledge to lead a healthy active life.

Class:  Wednesdays and/or Fridays  1:50-2:50
Enroll Online:, then click the Documents tab
Contact:  Mike Guajardo at Sol Gym Personal Training Studio  |  (415) 334-7697  |