STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
10 Week Program Starting January 15th

Junior Engineer Programs

  • Wednesdays 2-3 PM … 1 spot available!
  • Wednesdays 3-4 PM … 4 spots available!

Our programs prepare students for rigorous study and self-driven exploration by introducing them to heady concepts in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics through interactive experimentation. We’ve designed our curriculum around the field of engineers and scientists, allowing students to tackle challenges using an understanding of principle concepts but leaving ample room for their individual creativity. LEGO Robotics Program is designed to introduce students to both robot building as well as programming. The students will build robots to accomplish a specific task while using their imagination to make and design their robots. Students will discover the Engineering Design Process in a real world setting as they test their robots multiple times.

Note: “CASA kids” will be in the 3-4PM class and “Parent Pick up Kids” will be in the 2-3PM class. Please specify whether your child is CASA or Parent Pick up when registering. A wait list is available; Children on the wait list will have first opportunity to sign up for this class in Fall 2014

Online Registration is available at the Engineering for Kids parent portal.

Engineering For Kids is located at 2018 Clement Street, San Francisco
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