6th & 7th grade Families’ help is needed for the 8th Grade Graduation on Thursday May 30th.

Rooftop has a tradition of “paying it forward” by having the 6th and 7th grade families provide food &  help for the 8th grade graduation festivities. The graduation involves a meaningful “tear-jerker” ceremony at Mayeda (5:30 pm) in which each graduate has a chance to say a few words about his/her special experiences or people at Rooftop, followed by separate parties for graduates and their parents.

6th &  7th grade families: You will be receiving some requests for help with specific jobs before, during, and after the ceremonies via email and other means of communication. Thank you in advance for supporting this special event!

P.S. If any other families from lower grades want to get involved in helping and learning about graduation, feel free to contact meeshahalm@gmail.com and eozer@berkeley.edu