Rooftop’s 13th Annual International Festival is approaching – Friday April 27th. This is a wonderful celebration of the whole Rooftop community with performances created by students from all grades and food and participation of our generous parents from every culture of our diverse family!

The festival is a full day affair, with food booths filled with international home cooking, and a lively show. To start we always have one or 2 professional acts. This year we have the fabulous FREEZE who bring us improv hip hop, and we have our past student Adam Traore, now a rapper vocalist. Students have been alerted to start preparing their acts. We also have an art contest, winners to be announced at the event! (see attachments). Our theme this year is Expression: Self, Family, Community with a special emphasis that this is ROOFTOP’S 40TH ANNIVERSARY!

Parents, please send in food for this wonderful celebration! Every year we take pride in the great variety of home made food from all our Rooftop communities. What better way to share and join in with the international spirit than having our children eat and enjoy each different flavors! Thank you all very much for always pulling through and making this festival so wonderful! Please use this online form (or send the torn bottom of the attached flyer back to school) to give us an idea of what food we have to serve the kids! Thank you all!

Questions? Want to know how participate? Please contact Cyndy Sugawara, art teacher Mayeda | 522-6757 |

Attachment: Rooftop International Festival 2012 FOOD flyer (PDF)