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Welcome to Rooftop!

Rooftop Vision

Our challenging educational program integrates the arts to empower all students to become effective problem solvers. Rooftop’s students are academically engaged and socially responsible members of the community who face challenges with optimism and confidence. We believe that when the arts are thoughtfully integrated into the academic program, students’ opportunities to think critically and problem solve creatively significantly increase.

Rooftop Spirit

For some children, their introduction to school when entering Kindergarten may be their first real experience of being a part of a larger community. You may find your child discussing “Rooftop Spirit” throughout the school year. This concept of school “spirit” is very important to our students, and the qualities that define this mindset help to make Rooftop a very special community. Sharing, caring, kindness, helping your fellow students, respect of individual differences, and responsibility for one’s own behavior and actions — these are qualities that each Rooftop student strives to uphold.